Technical Services

The IMSE organization supplies shipping companies, industrial plants and other clients with a wide range of technical services, IMSE provides technical services on maintenance, purchase and technical problems of all your valuable equipment.

The specialty of IMSE is the combination of:

  • Wide range of quality parts.
  • Cost control.
  • Worldwide technical services.

IMSE Technical Services, overhauls and repairs of engines + generator sets (Industrial & Marine use):

  • 4-stroke, 2-stroke engines.
  • Turbo chargers.
  • In-Situ/workshop crankshaft repair.
  • Troubleshooting.

Auxiliary equipment (Industrial & Marine use):

  • Gearboxes.
  • Separators.
  • Air compressors (start/work).
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Filter units.
  • Pumps.
  • Miscellaneous technical systems.

Electric equipment (Industrial & Marine use):

  • Electric motor.
  • Print cards.
  • Cycle convertors.
  • Generators.

Mechanical equipment (Industrial & Marine use):

  • Welding.
  • Construction modifications.
  • Bow & Stern thruster.
  • Mechanical seals.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems:

  • Various systems.

All our technicians have their own specialty to ensure the correct specialist for the job!

Your problems are our concern!

For all your inquiries please contact us via e-mail